Club Uniforms


Southside Pony Club Uniform

At Southside Pony Club we take pride in our appearance and that of our ponies, whether attending events on home turf or representing the Club further afield.

What to wear for our events

It is compulsory for riders to wear an approved helmet and riding boots for all events.

Some uniform items are available to purchase from the Club, other more standard items can be purchased from a saddlery store.

Formal Uniform

White Long Sleeved Blouse: Not stocked by Club
Navy Jodphurs or moleskins: Not stocked by Club
Maroon Zip Tie: $20
SS Tie Pin: $12.50
Maroon Vest: $50

Saddle Blankets

SSPC Saddle Blankets: $65


Muster Uniform

SSPC Maroon Polo Shirt
- Short-sleeved: $45
Navy Jodphurs or moleskins: Not stocked by Club