Our Committee

Dedicated to our growing membership

Southside Pony Club was established to educate children and horses in a safe environment, this remains true today.

Our Committee are dedicated to ensuring that the Club’s members and horses are kept safe and given the very best experience.

Our Vision & Objectives

Southside Pony Club is a multidisciplinary Club with large junior membership that is supportive, warm and friendly.

Our objectives:

  • Encourage riders of all ages to embrace and enjoy horse riding in all disciplines and at whatever level they are comfortable.
  • Provide instruction in riding and caring for your horse.
  • Promote good sportsmanship at all levels.
The 2021 Executive Committee positions have been filled by the following members:
President – Suzanne Newman
Chief Instructor/Vice President – Bethany van Barneveld
Vice President – Cindy Moore
Secretary – Lisa Anne McKeown
Treasurer – Jade Collins
Assistant Treasurer – Sonya Trau
Ex-Officio Positions:
Grants Co-ordinator – Donna Pershouse
Muster Co-ordinator – Ava Leamon
Grounds & Maintenance Co-ordinator – Dwayne Makemson
Horse Health Officer – Jessica Whittle
Uniform Co-ordinator – Carole Livingstone