Southside Pony Club from 1.5m away; Horsing around in a global pandemic.

Well here we are. A minimum of 1.5m away from each other in the arena with only one other person allowed at a time. I think it’s safe to say that this unexpected development has throw a spanner in the works for you all and hampered some plans for the 2020 competition season. Whilst it’s pretty disappointing, there’s a silver lining in nearly ever scenario if you look closely enough. No competitions doesn’t mean your training plan has to go out the window! Never has there been a better time to work on you. How are you going with your fitness? Perhaps you have a specific area you want to work on like improving your core strength or keeping your hands still. Equine enthusiasts around the world are providing many free resources for you to utilise:

  • US Equestrian is sharing work out classes online. Have a look at their Instagram account: 
  • Noelle Floyd are offering some free videos on all kinds of topics from recognisizing and riding the distance to every jump to becoming a more confidence rider. Check out their site here. 
  • For the Eventers among you, go check out Eventing Nation and watch your favourite eventer take on previous years of Badminton

And for those of you who weren’t planning to get out and about competing, what a  glorious opportunity to get in some bonding with your pony. Some things you might like to do to keep yourself occupied might be:

  • Give your pony a lovely bath
  • Give your tack a thorough cleaning
  • Clean out your grooming kit
  • Hand walk your pony
  • Get into the kitchen and make your pony some treats

Keep your eyes on the Southside Active Members Facebook page as well as on the PCAQ site for regular updates.

Happy Riding Southsiders

-Your Committee

Easter Holiday Activities

We’re really excited about our Easter Holiday activities! The two programs on offer are led by Club President Suzanne Newman and Instructor Bethany Van Barneveld.

We’re confident that we’ve got something for everyone!

Ready Set Trot’s first ever holiday program is on Tuesday, April 3rd from 9-3pm. It’s a smorgasbord of learning, riding, hands-on pony care and, above all, it will be so much fun!

Click here for our Ready Set Trot holiday flyer: Ready Set Trot Easter Holiday Program 2018.

We are also running an SSPC Member’s Camp from 3.30pm on Thursday, April 5th to 4pm on Friday, April 6th.

Thursday includes mounted games, fun round the campfire and more. All followed by a night under canvas.

Friday’s clinic is led by Amy Godsall, who will be assessed for her EA qualifications at the same time. Riders will be given the chance of instruction in show jumping, dressage and cross country. Participation is subject to ability and own horse.

This camp is open to all members, with options for riding or non-riding (there is a lot to be gained from observing). However, riding in Friday’s clinics is subject to own / use of a pony.

Camping is subject to bringing your own tent and adult supervision throughout the night!

All meals provided!

Click here for our Flyer: SSPC Members Camp Easter Holidays 2018.

First in best dressed, places limited!

Enquiries to Suzanne Newman – or phone 0452 412 922.