It’s a wrap – Winter has been a lot of fun!

img_5595Winter has come and gone at Southside. As the temperature rises and Spring arrives we reflect on the fun we’ve had.

Our saddle clubbers learned a lot this term, their focus during the winter was on equipment. It’s been amazing to watch the children’s knowledge grow over the year.

Sonya and Maddy Trau gave a great session on rugs, the children couldn’t believe how many types there were.

Learning about how to help the ponies stay warm in winter and how we will help them to overcome the heat and summer flies was fascinating.

img_5609The children have taken a lot of new information on board, their confidence has grown enormously.

One of the things that’s really great to see is how much the littlies have been learning from our older junior members.

At the end of a busy term, they proudly received their certificates for correctly identifying headcollars, lead ropes and the correct rug for different weather types. Well done everyone!



Musters continued and our instructors really made the most of our amazing club grounds with some fun sessions.

Our riders and their ponies enjoyed the cooler weather taking the opportunity to ride in the morning musters.

In winter, we’ll ride at the end of the day as the heat recedes.





When the September holidays hit there was no better way to relieve the boredom than with a spring clean as our juniors set about cleaning their tack and equipment.

Their bridles and saddles glistened after a job well done!




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