SSPC’s 60th anniversary!

In our 60th anniversay year, we reflect on some of the elements that make our club truly special.

Children are at the heart of this historic city Pony Club

We have ovder 70 members, over half of which are children. This total will increase over the coming months as memberships are renewable at the turn of every year.

Based on past trends we look set to reach the high 90s and maybe even push 100 members this year.

As children grow older within the club they take on increased responsibilities and assist with the education of the younger members.

A rich history that spans generations

Many community members we meet reminisce about family involvement with the club when their children were small.

Our club is run by a volunteer committee of 8 members with the support of their extended family. All members volunteer and many come back to help and assist years after their children have left the club.

Running successful programs that embrace the local community

In 2018 we built on the success of our former ‘saddle club’ and launched ‘Ready Set Trot’.

Ready Set Trot is supported by the Australian Government, Equestrian Australia and Pony Club Australia.

The beginner riders program allows children with an interest in horses and who may not have access to a horse of their own (or might be starting to learn the basics) the opportunity to have fun and get started in equestrian sport.

“Ready Set Trot aims to introduce children to horses and provide them with a better understanding of horsemanship in a fun and exciting way.

“Ready Set Trot strives to teach children the fundamentals of horsemanship, allow them to sample opportunities within the horse industry and build a lifelong passion for horses.”

Excerpt from the Ready Set Trot website

Southside Pony Club offers family-orientated outdoor fun and an alternative to screen time plus a chance to relax and have fun away from the classroom.

An introduction to competitive riding

Our members are often out competing for their club at weekends. Pony club events are fun and educational giving our kids a great opportunity to have a go at competing together.

A large part of the fun is in the preparation the team go through in the lead up to an event.

Ponies for therapy

Just under 10% of members have cited ponies for therapy as a reason for becoming involved.

Southside Pony Club’s inclusive, friendly environment has been known to assist with children’s therapy journey. As animal assisted therapy is becoming more widespread, this area offers potential growth for our club.

Community links

We have been inextricably linked with the community for 60 years. Our association with local schools, sports organisations such as Bulimba Golf Club and catchment families has been a major factor in our success.

Our reach is far broader than our base of active members. Southside Pony Club is an institution, our ponies are on many people’s walking route and give locals a chance to interact up close within a city environment. Our position within the community is established and meaningful to many.

The importance of our agistment paddocks

Without agistment Southside Pony Club would cease to exist. As a city club we need to be able to provide paddocks for horses to continue operations.

There just aren’t enough ponies in the catchment otherwise. The revenue from agistment funds repairs and maintenance, which is largely carried out by our volunteers – a self-fulfilling prophecy.

60th Anniversary Hoedown – Saturday, October 26th

We’re hosting an anniversary party like no other. Planning for our Southside Pony Club Hoedown on Saturday, October 26th is in full swing.

If you’ve been involved with the club in the past we’d love to hear from you and invite you to join us for the event. We intend to extend the invite to this event to our wider community.

If you’re keen to help organise the event, we’d also love to hear from you.

Please email Club President Suzanne Newman at for further information.

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