Saddle Club 2016

Learning to handle ponies is all part of our Saddle Club programme

Learning to care for ponies is what Saddle Club is all about

Southside Pony Club's Saddle Club programme for 2016 kicked off at today's muster.

Today's session included an informative segment on grooming followed by a practical where participants learned about the must-have tools in the grooming kit plus how and when to use them.

Thank you to Bella & Meggie for helping our the Saddle Club littlies

Thank you to Bella & Meggie for helping our Saddle Club littlies





Thank you to SSPC's young riding members who helped out at Saddle Club as part of their preparation for the theory elements of their PCAQ D Certificate.

It's so nice to see the children supporting each other and is one of the elements that makes Southside Pony Club so special.

A big thank you also goes to ponies Lucy and Meggie for standing so patiently while the children groomed and bathed them!

At the end of our Autumn Term, the Saddle Club's participants will complete work for their first certificate in pony care.

Well done everyone, keep up the hard work!

Southside Pony Club's Saddle Club is nearly full for 2016 - to enquire, please contact us asap.

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