SSPC Gymkhana – 3 October 2021

October 3 Gymkhana

Our SSPC family came together today to organise, run and compete in our first Gymkhana open to fellow clubs in well over 5 years.

We are very grateful to;-

  • our own SSPC members
  • everyone who stepped up and contributed, many breaking new ground.
  • those around us – the Pony Club members and local businesses that supported us on the day.
  • those who visited us, friends from years past, local club members who weren’t even riding today.
  • those who gave up their time to judge and steward for us.

We are proud of all riders competing today and thankful to all for coming – some from a fair distance away.

Group image by Paige Wilson Photography

Merry Christmas, love SSPC

Our amazing community came together to celebrate with the Christmas party and Awards Night. Everyone had a fabulous time. We were spoiled with great food and wonderful company.

Thank you to the following who made it possible:

Di Farmer who works tirelessly across our suburb, spent time with all the children
Sonya Trau for her lifetime achievement award.
Southside would not be the superb club it is without our president Suzanne Newman who is inspirational.
Many thanks also to Sally Anne, Bethany van Barneveld and Cindy Moore for all their hard work.
To all the active members who go the extra mile thanks you are appreciated.

2020 Ribbon Day

Wow, what a turn out we had for our Ribbon Day yesterday!
Congratulations to all of our riders on an awesome day.
Age group winners:
12 & under –
1st – Bella Davidson
2nd – Eva Newman
3rd – Ava McConnell
4th – Tayla Moore
5th – Zoe Pisasale
13-16 years –
1st – Ditta Vourdousis
2nd – Nicole McKeown
3rd – Harriet Horton & Natasha Bowman
4th – Sada Wright
5th – Arielle Taylor
6th – Harper Collins
17-26 years –
1st – Jessica Whittle
2nd – Jade Chan
3rd – Louisa Baddiley
4th – Mia Brookman
5th – Ava Leamon
6th – Olivia Beck
Thank you to:
DustWorX Pty Ltd for sponsoring 3 special Trophy Prizes and congratulations to the following riders :
Partnership of Horse and Rider; 12 & Under – Ava McConnell and Khan ,
13 & Over Harriet Horton and Tiva
Sportsmanship Award – Amelia Strauss
A massive thank you to our President Suzanne Newman, who works tirelessly to make these events happen, our team of instructors and our parent helpers.

Southside Pony Club from 1.5m away; Horsing around in a global pandemic.

Well here we are. A minimum of 1.5m away from each other in the arena with only one other person allowed at a time. I think it’s safe to say that this unexpected development has throw a spanner in the works for you all and hampered some plans for the 2020 competition season. Whilst it’s pretty disappointing, there’s a silver lining in nearly ever scenario if you look closely enough. No competitions doesn’t mean your training plan has to go out the window! Never has there been a better time to work on you. How are you going with your fitness? Perhaps you have a specific area you want to work on like improving your core strength or keeping your hands still. Equine enthusiasts around the world are providing many free resources for you to utilise:

  • US Equestrian is sharing work out classes online. Have a look at their Instagram account: 
  • Noelle Floyd are offering some free videos on all kinds of topics from recognisizing and riding the distance to every jump to becoming a more confidence rider. Check out their site here. 
  • For the Eventers among you, go check out Eventing Nation and watch your favourite eventer take on previous years of Badminton

And for those of you who weren’t planning to get out and about competing, what a  glorious opportunity to get in some bonding with your pony. Some things you might like to do to keep yourself occupied might be:

  • Give your pony a lovely bath
  • Give your tack a thorough cleaning
  • Clean out your grooming kit
  • Hand walk your pony
  • Get into the kitchen and make your pony some treats

Keep your eyes on the Southside Active Members Facebook page as well as on the PCAQ site for regular updates.

Happy Riding Southsiders

-Your Committee