2020 Ribbon Day

Wow, what a turn out we had for our Ribbon Day yesterday!
Congratulations to all of our riders on an awesome day.
Age group winners:
12 & under –
1st – Bella Davidson
2nd – Eva Newman
3rd – Ava McConnell
4th – Tayla Moore
5th – Zoe Pisasale
13-16 years –
1st – Ditta Vourdousis
2nd – Nicole McKeown
3rd – Harriet Horton & Natasha Bowman
4th – Sada Wright
5th – Arielle Taylor
6th – Harper Collins
17-26 years –
1st – Jessica Whittle
2nd – Jade Chan
3rd – Louisa Baddiley
4th – Mia Brookman
5th – Ava Leamon
6th – Olivia Beck
Thank you to:
DustWorX Pty Ltd for sponsoring 3 special Trophy Prizes and congratulations to the following riders :
Partnership of Horse and Rider; 12 & Under – Ava McConnell and Khan ,
13 & Over Harriet Horton and Tiva
Sportsmanship Award – Amelia Strauss
A massive thank you to our President Suzanne Newman, who works tirelessly to make these events happen, our team of instructors and our parent helpers.

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